MATFER English 2019

222 L mm 128 24 120032 L mm 150 5 120006 120034 120035 LAM’PLUS BAKERY - Patented special stainless steel holder can be turned in all directions to suit the hand and movement of each baker. - Blades are easily changed with a spring-mounted clip system, blades are held firmly in place. - Extra flat shape of the blade cover designed to avoid the dough ticking. - For use with dough scoring knife 120034/035. - Sold with 1 blade + 1 magnet to stick onto an oven. - Designed by the baker Jean-Christian Horel, and manufactured by Matfer. W mm Code Price Blister pack MATFER BAKER’S BLADE Stainless-steel blade. Cut razor with protective cover. Ergonomic green handle. Weight g Code Price Blister of 12 SCARIFYING BLADES Stainless steel, unbreakable, meet all hygiene and safety requirements. Code Price Dispensing box of 250 blades measuring 43 x 20 mm Box with 4 x 10 blades SCARIFYING BLADES  USE OF THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE BLADES = SAVING  BLADE GUARD = SAFETY  LOW WEIGHT 6.6 G = AGREEABLE USE