MATFER English 2019

221 a b c d 90 x 10 154101 50 x 50 154102 100 x 60 154103 L mm 300 45 75 120042 Ø mm 80 a 120036 80 b 120037 65 c 120038 65 d 120039 BREAD CUTTERS The cutters enables 1 frame to be cut in a few seconds from a "pâte morte" dough (special recipe supplied with the cutter). Bread can be decorated without hours of work. Robust design in composite material. Ergonomic to hold. Created by J.C. Horel. Model L x W mm Code Price 2 ears of wheat BREAD CUTTERS AND MARKERS Model L x W mm Code Price Vine leaf Model L x W mm Code Price Bunch of grapes ADD VALUE TO BREAD COUNTRY BREAD MARKER The zigzag shape decorates the bread and guarantees the dough cutting in order to evacuate the gas. Stainless-steel with handle. BREAD DOUGH MARKERS STAINLESS STEEL Markers for bread dough to decorate the little round breads. Stainless-steel, with handle. Star marking. Centre hole Code Price no yes no yes W mm H mm Code Price