MATFER English 2019

223 L mm 145 120054 145 120055 145 120056 L mm 175 120058 L mm 120 120013 120 120018 120 120022 120 120023 120025 120026 STAINLESS-STEEL BAKER’S BLADE In compliance with applicable hygiene rules for baker’s blades. Stainless steel with a polypropylene handle. SCALLOPED BLADE Especially designed for cutting rolls, country bread and sourdough bread. BAKER’S BLADE Treated carbon steel. Code Price Blister of 2 Straight blade N°5 Curved blade Blade with wavy edge Code Price Blister of 2 Code Price Box of 12 Straight blade N°5 Curved blade N°5 Blade with edge Blade with wavy edge LAM’HOREL BAKER BLADE Created by a baker. - Light (3g): easy to handle. - Special shape, L 122mm: ergonomics. - Single-unit production: hygienic. - Blade not dangerous to handle: safety. - 100% recyclable. - High-quality cutting of moist dough, firm dough, dough with grains, crusty dough. - Longevity: 5000 to 10,000 baguettes depending on hydration. - Prevents dough sticking to blade. - Special shape: traditional cutting with a blade; "Polka" cutting with two opposing and overlapping blades; "Sword" cutting with two superimposed blades. Delivered in a Blibox box with a magnetic hook and a 2-blade storage case. Code Price Box of 12 blades Box of 50 blades SAFE TO USE SCARIFYING BLADES