MATFER English 2019

176 V W Hz 562 330 606 230 1300 50/60 210353 W V Hz 235 420 505 3000 700 230 50 210351 L mm W V Hz 235 538 596 3000 1000 230 50 210354 L mm Poids W Hz 200 130 420 9 200 50 210401 210402 W mm D mm H mm Code Price DOES NOT HEAT UP, FOOD PRESERVES VITAMINS JUICE EXTRACTORS CENTRIFUGE NO. 68. For intensive use: for juice bars, hotels, public sector settings, restaurants, bakers and ice cream parlours. - Output: 140L per hour. - Perfect filtering thanks to the fine sieve (0.5mm perforations). - Powerful, silent motor. - Ezy-cleanTM: detachable tank, basket and lid, no tools required. - 228mm spout for use with pitchers. - Extra-wide Ø 79mm chute designed to accept most vegetables or fruit whole. - Large capacity pulp receptacle: 14L. Weight 25kg. - All stainless steel food area and basket with fine (0.5mm) sieve, for perfect filtering. - Painted cast aluminium. J80 ULTRA JUICER Output: up to 120 l/h. Injection of pulp into 6.5 litre removable container. Height under pouring spout: 162mm. Asynchronous motor, silent machines. Automatic chute dia. 79mm / gain in time because allows use of whole fruit. Centrifuge basket with scraper disc and stainless filter. Stainless steel bowl. Non-splashing pouring spout. Drip collector for constantly clean working top. Waste ejection. Assembly and disassembly without tools : easy to clean. Constant speed 3000 r.p.m.. J100 ULTRA JUICER Output: up to 160 l/h. Powerful 1000 W motor. 2 possibilities of use: - Continuous flow evacuation hopper directly under worktop - Evacuation of pulp into large residue recipient, capacity 7.2 litres. Height under pouring spout: 256mm (pitcher, blender bowl). Weight 11 Kg. W mm D mm H mm rpm Code Price D mm H mm rpm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price Head for CS600 juice extractor CS600 JUICE EXTRACTOR Concept: The juice extractor is fitted with a worm screw operated by an extremely powerful, low RPMmotor (60 revolutions/minute). The screw crushes fruit and vegetables against the sides of the filter to extract all the juice and separate out the fibres. No nutrients are lost in the process and the juices boast fantastic taste and texture. The juices are slower to oxidise compared to those extracted with a juicer. Make juice from all sorts of fruits and vegetables, as well as salad leaves and herbs (spinach, mint, basil, wheat germ, etc.) and root vegetables (beetroot, carrot, ginger, etc.) – you can even produce non-dairy milks (almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, etc.). Benefits: - Bottleneck measuring 88mm across: quickly add whole fruits, save time - Powerful motor: can be used continuously for up to 24 hours. - Yield: up to 40 litres of juice/hour (300 apples) - Noise reduction system (40 to 50db): silent operation. Specifications: 230V motor, 60 revolutions/min . Brushed stainless steel motor casing. Detachable, easy-to-clean extraction head. Tritan bowl and head. PET pulp tray and jug. Tap with anti-drip valve. LARGE VOLUMES OF FRESH JUICE ON DEMAND