MATFER English 2019

175 L mm W 350 200 280 550 1500 210711 L mm W 490 350 280 1200 1500-3000 211005 L mm W V Hz 226 304 480 1100 230 50/60 210750 H mm D mm rpm Code Price R2 CUTTER Effective: Quick, high-quality chopped ingredients, fine stuffing, emulsions, mousses, ground products and kneaded dough. Accurate: Pulse control. Powerful: Powerful, asynchronous motor for intensive use. Very reliable and durable. Specification: - Start/stop/pulse button. - Magnetic safety feature and motor brake. - Stainless steel 2.9L bowl. - Smooth-edged knife included. - 1 speed: 1500 rpm. - Single-phase 550W motor. 230V, 50Hz. Ventilated. - Weight 10,5 Kg. CUTTER R5 PLUS 2 speeds 1500/3000 rpm. Metallic motor base. Pulse command. Magnetic security and motor brake. 5.5 stainless steel bowl with straight blade knife. 400V three-phase. 50Hz. H mm D mm rpm Code Price VARIABLE SPEED BLIXER 4 Designed for: - Preparing blended meals. - Fine blending to create emulsions for whippers. - Preparing ganaches and chocolate fillings. - Working with large quantities of liquid thanks to the tall chimney. Specifications: - Watertight lid. - Micro-serrated blades. - Speed variable from 300 to 3,000 rpm, working capacity between 0.3 and 2.5kg per operation. - Stainless steel 4.5L tank with spatula and lid. TABLE TOP CUTTER AND BLIXER IDEAL FOR GRINDING DRIED FRUITS SUCH AS ALMONDS, NUTS, HAZELNUTS FOR BISCUITS, PASTRIES, NOUGAT, ETC. W mm H mm Code Price