MATFER English 2019

177 L mm Kg W V Hz 610 360 540 21 650 230 50 210340 L mm kg W V Hz 226 338 522 13,5 1800 230 50 212530 HEATING FOOD PROCESSOR AUTOMATIC SIEVE W mm H mm Code Price D mm H mm Code Price Hot or cold: mix, knead, mince, blend, pulverise, emulsify and cook ROBOT COOK - HEATING CUTTER-BLENDER 3.7 litre stainless steel tank. Liquid capacity 2.5 litres. Heating temperature adjustable to nearest degree, up to 140°C. Power: 1200 Watts. 2.7 Amp. Programming function saves 9 recipes. Silent operation. 5 speed settings: - Variable speed from 100 to 3500 rpm. - Turbo high speed 4500 rpm. - Variable speed rythm. - Blend delicate products with reverse blade rotation at 100 to 500 rpm: R-mix ® function. - Keep warm with intermittent speed: blade rotates every 2 seconds at low speed. Industrial asynchronous motor. Knife with micro-toothed stainless steel blades. System retains knife in tank to facilitate liquid draining. Watertight lid with anti-splash system, equipped with a tank and lid scraper arm. Dishwasher-safe accessories. AUTOMATIC SIEVE C80 Make fruit juices and pulps, vegetable mousses, stocks, bisques and fish soups. Stainless steel frame and hopper. Continuous insertion of products. Continuous waste ejection. Comes with a 1 mm perforation sieve. Yield of 40 to 60 kg/h. Speed: 1500 rpm. PRECISION COOKING TO THE DEGREE, UP TO 140°C