MATFER English 2019

168 3 I 4 I 1 I 2 I 672090 Rapid'infusion: Infuse flavors into cold liquids in 2 min Can be used with an ISI Gourmet Whip and N 2 O capsules. The Rapid’Infusion kit allows you to flavour a liquid with solid aromatic substances: fruit, spices, seasoning. The set contains: - One 100% silicone sieve-holder - One 100% stainless steel sieve - One 100% stainless steel ventilation tube - One 100% silicone tube - One cleaning brush ACCESSORIES PRESERVES THE FRESH, NATURAL TASTE OF PRODUCTS THANKS TO COLD INFUSION Gas is released from the capsule into the iSi siphon, enabling high-pressure introduction of liquid and gas into the pores of the solid substance. If the pressure is reduced, the gas forms bubbles and carries the flavours of the ingredient with it. This diffuses the taste into the liquid. Fill with the liquid and the solid substance: Fill the iSi Gourmet Whip with the ingredients up to the maximum capacity. Tighten the capsule holder: Tighten the capsule holder with an iSi whipped cream capsule onto the iSi siphon in upright position. Release the pressure: Quickly aerate by activating the lever. Pour the preparation: Pour the flavoured liquid into a container, passing it through the funnel and the iSi sieve. Code Price RAPID’INFUSION kit For a rosemary flavored oil (1L siphon): - 1L of olive oil. - 4 to 5 branches of fresh romarion. Step by step