MATFER English 2019

167 330 270 400 400 425 534 675007 044181 044184 044186 U.V. 0,5 L 3 672103 1 L 3 672104 PERFECT RESULTS WITH ISI WHIPPED CREAM CHARGERS. 100% STAINLESS STEEL. CHARGERS WITH GUARANTEED FULL. ISI PROFESSIONAL CAPSULES N 2 O capsule, new 8.4g capacity. - Expands cream even more, by up to 20%*. - Saves cream. - Reduces the quantity of calories and fat per portion, while retaining taste. - Reduces the cost of each portion. - Produces natural whipped cream, with no additives. - Compatible with all ISI and other siphons. - Reduces the number of capsules to be recycled. * results may vary depending on type of cream and fat content. L inner mm D. inner mm H inner mm L outer mm D. outer mm H outer mm Code Price MINI HOT CUPBOARD Hot cupboard for keeping “Gourmet iSi” espuma whippers and spray guns for pastry, chocolate, and chocolate colorants at temperature. Thermostat (30°C to 80°C). 30°C: chocolate, 45°C: coating, 65°C: whippers, 80°C: sauces. Ventilated hot air for even temperature distribution. Small enough for table top use or wall mounting. Plug on the front to connect a pastry gun. Capacity: up to four 1L whippers or six 0.5L whippers. Transparent door. All stainless steel housing with insulation. Weight: 16kg. Supplied with 1 stainless steel mesh rack GN 1/2. Power: 400W – 230V, single-phase. 50Hz. Code Price Box of 10 chargers Box of 24 chargers Box of 50 chargers ISI PROTECTIVE COVERS Protects your hands from heat when using the stainless steel ISI bottle for hot mixtures in the bain-marie or steamer. Silicone covers. Available for Gourmet Whip 0.5L and 1L whippers. C.L Code Price ACCESSORIES Up to +20% portions