MATFER English 2019

169 2 I 3 I 1 I 960391 960393 960392 960215 960216 L mm 436 212 140 Sabre 300 960330 590 212 140 Sabre 450 960345 SABRE Compact appliance for dispensing or manual cutting of professional-size rolls of foil, cling film, etc. Suitable for widths of 300 and 450mm (cling film 300m; foil 200m; paper 75m). NO WASTE DISPENSING TROUBLE FREE CUTTING MULTI PURPOSE : FOR CLING FILM, ALUMINIUM, FOIL AND PAPER Model Code Price Roll holder with 2 cones Roll holder with 2 cones Wheel cutter with clip holder Clingfilm 300 mm Clingfilm 450 mm PREPARATION Cling film dispenser SPARE PARTS D mm H mm Model Code Price Pull. Close. Cut. - Clean, quick wheel cutting system. - Easy to install. Suitable for all diameters of roll mandrel. - Roll grip system for cling wrap after cutting, for easy handling of the next piece of film. - Locking mechanism when in closed position. - Small size and careful design. - Robust construction in stainless steel, aluminium and composite. Step by step