392 ©RinaNurra-FerrandiPâtisserie W V Hz Caloribac 200 240 50 260434 260435 W V Hz CHOCO 10 1000 240 50 260456 260455 692036 "C3" CALORIBAC MULTI-PURPOSE APPLIANCE FOR MELTING AND MAINTAINING THE TEMPERATURE OF CHOCOLATE, FONDANT, COATINGS, SAUCES, JELLIES AND MORE. Extra dipping machine. - Uniform heat distribution. - Touchscreen control panel. - Electronic regulation (25° to 90°C). Accuracy ± 1.5°C. - High-performance insulation: energy saving. - A round mixing bowl (code 702624) can be attached as a moveable container: pour some water between the two bowls to transmit heat. - Capacity: 3.5L. - Comes with a transparent SAN lid. - Dimensions: Ø 254mm, H: 188mm. Weight 1.8kg. - Non-detachable stainless steel bowl, shockproof PP body. Code Price Spare transparent lid CHOCO 10 WATER-HEATED DIPPING MACHINE COMPACT DIPPING MACHINE, PERFECT FOR MAKING CHOCOLATE- DIPPED SWEETS. - Round shape for easy mixing. - Thermostat regulates temperature at 20°C to 60°C. - Safety feature: the power cuts off in case of a lack of water. - Watertight, easy-clean touchscreen control panel. - A needle (optional, ref. 260590) may be fitted to the dipping machine so that the chocolate temperature is displayed instead of the set temperature. - Capacity: 12L (10kg of couverture chocolate), detachable bowl. - Dimensions: L 510 x W 400 x H 265mm. Weight: 5.5kg. - Composite material, structure, flat-bottomed round bowl and stainless steel lid. Code Price Additional stainless steel bowl, 12 lt. Additional lid, Ø 360 mm DIPPING- MACHINE CONTROL PANEL WITH TOUCH-KEYS +/- 0.5°C ACCURACY