366 L mm 640 515 410 410120 410121 410128 410124 410125 410126 AIRBRUSH CABINET - For airbrush decorations, applying coatings with a spray gun, and spraying on a velvety layer of chocolate. - For work on 600 x 400mm trays. - Interior size: L: 620 x D: 415 x H: 395mm. - Polypropylene, foldable, washable. - A Sylvie AMAR DESIGN patent. COLANI AIRBRUSH - Easy to use thanks to a push button combining gradual flows of air and food colorants. - Ergonomic handles for an ideal, comfortable grip. - Case including: airbrush, 0.4mm nozzle, aluminium 15ml detachable cup with a lid, universal wrench, quick connection. - Recommended for use with compressor ref. 410117. AIRBRUSH EVOLUTION - Double-action airbrush. - Nozzle with automatic centre ensuring excellent quality of spray. - Comes along with 2 interchangeable nozzles (0.2 and 0.4mm) and 2 interchangeable bowls (2 and 5ml). - Compatible with compressor ref. 410117. Code Price Air brush case Tube + 2 connectors 1/8 + rapid connector 1/8 kit Code Price Air brush LIQUID FOOD COLOURING SPECIAL KOPYKAKE PROJECTOR FOR CAKE DECORATION - Easy decoration: spray your choice of design or a model onto your cakes. - Decorate the cake following the edges of the model. - 1000 models provided on the CD. - Reproduce solid shapes (greetings cards, photos, logos, drawings, etc.). - Adjust the size of a design. Code Price Projector 220 V - 275 W - 50/60Hz UNIVERSAL AIRBRUSH STAND - Weighted table-top model. - Suitable for all airbrushes, except Colani. - Chrome steel. Code Price Support D mm H mm Code Price AIRBRUSH & ACCESSORIES