365 410111 L mm W V Hz 255 135 220 4,5 150 230 50 410117 410118 L mm W V Hz 240 130 190 3,1 144 220-240 50 410105 L mm W V Hz 190 120 95 1,45 135 230 50 410113 COMPRESSOR 2.5 BAR FOR AIRBRUSH - For infrequent use. - Spiral air hose for airbrush connection. - Comes with a tube, 4m long when in use. - Air flow rate 15L/min. PASTRY DECORATING AIRBRUSH KM 200 - Double action: for writing or spraying liquid food colorants. - Comes in a case. - Compatible with compressors of all types. - 0.3mm nozzle. Cup capacity 3cl. Code Price Airbrush KM 200 KOPYKAKE AIRMASTER AIRBRUSH AND COMPRESSOR Includes: - 1 Kopykake twin effect pastry airbrush: Food colours and varnishes (liquid). - 1 240V compressor. 144W. 0.6 A. Air flow rate 7L/min. Pressure 1 to 2.4 bars max. ABS body. For writing (fine line) and spraying (mist) with the simple press of a button, without changing nozzle. 4-BAR AUTOMATIC COMPRESSOR - No oil required, portable, automatic, with safety pressure switch. - Motor switches on when airbrush is activated. - Regulator filter with display and pressure regulator. - A noiseless machine (47dB). Compact, powerful, easy to clean. - Comes with hose connection to the aerograph. 3m with quick 1/8 connections. - Air flow rate 25L/min. - Robust metal body. STANDARD DOUBLE-EFFECT AIRBRUSH - For spraying food colorants. - Suitable for use with all compressors. - Comes in a plastic case. - 0.3mm nozzle. Cup capacity 3cl. Length 150mm. - Chrome steel. Code Price Standard airbrush COMPRESSORS AND AIRBRUSHES FREQUENT USE OCCASIONAL USE W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price