242 EXOGLASS ® - Perfect cooking and colouring. - Retains shape, unbreakable. - Composite material. - Non-stick without greasing (except grooved). - Stainless and dishwasher safe. MOULDS : WHICH MATERIAL TO CHOOSE ? Testimonial... "Matfer’s Exoglass®moulds make my everyday work easier. I really appreciate their utilization qualities. Raised dough does not oxidize the moulds, making cleaning easy and fast by hand or in the dishwasher. This material means that I no longer need to grease except for really soft doughs such as fluted patterns and cakes. I can mould-release my tarts, cakes or loaves immediately after removing them from the oven, without any risk of burns. They have beautiful even deep browning, making you want to bite into the cake. I sell a great number of cakes and the individual cake moulds by Exoglass®mounted on a plate, gain a lot of handling time. Buying these moulds is a long-term investmentguaranteeingthequalityofworkofmyteamsandregularqualityoftheproductssoldtomycustomers intheshop". M. CAPEZZONE - Baker Pastrymaker in Courbevoie.