241 ACCREDITED FSC-ACC-022 © Juliette Pradels / Jérôme Villette L m g/m² 400 75 41 320205 L mm 75 450 111320 L mm 436 212 140 Sabre 300 960330 590 212 140 Sabre 450 960345 L mm 535 330 50 GN 1 /1 320253 605 405 50 600x400 mm 320260 D mm H mm Model Code Price W mm H mm Code Price SABRE Compact appliance for dispensing or manual cutting of professional-size rolls of foil. ROLL OF EXOPAP PAPER Can be used in the dispenser SABRE. Provide economic dispensing when special sizes are required. 75m roller. W mm Code Price Box of 3 rollers - Eliminates the baking sheet cleaning process = time saving. - No need to grease. - HACCP approved, BRC certified. - Environmentally friendly: multiple uses, no cleaning product for plates. - Environment friendly : multiples uses, - Easy to handle. - Low investment costs. - Multiple uses. - Cardboard dispenser box. Our papers are made exclusively with natural materials, using resources from sustainable forests. They contain no fluorinated chemicals or other foreign substances. BAKEWELL PAPER Non-stick. In a continuous roll. Supplied in dispenser box. Length 75 metres. Thickness of the paper: 41 g/m 2 . W mm Code Price BAKING PAPER DISPENSER Meets health and safety requirements: no packaging in kitchens. Holder for 500 sheets. Suitable for storage on pastry trolley trays. Dispenses sheet-by-sheet for ease of use. Efficiently protects paper from grime. Heat- formed ABS, paper not included. QUICK ACCESS TO SHEETS