MATFER English 2019

15 1 2 3 1 2 3 Ø mm 280 17,5 520317 360 36 051070 17,5 L 521032 520617 527028 25 L 521040 520625 527032 36 L 521045 520636 527036 - Even heat distribution. - Riveted flame resistant aluminium handles. - Light material for easy handling. Compatible with any heating surfaces except induction hobs. COUSCOUS PAN Or steamer stock pot, with lid, curved-sided upper pan, straight—sided lower pan MAINTENANCE - Remove any burnt or ingrained particles by soaking in hot water (no added products required) before cleaning with a sponge. - Do not use abrasive pads, alkaline products, bleach, acidic detergents, oven cleaners, etc. - Rinse and wipe down after washing. - In case of limescale deposits or “rainbow” discolouration after cooking highly starchy products, heat with diluted vinegar, leave to cool and wash as normal. - Limescale deposits which cannot be removed are a result of underlying corrosion. - Remove stains or marks resulting from over-heating stainless steel using Bistro stainless steel polish. - To clean the outside of copper recipients, use Bistro copper polish. - Store in a clean, dry place. USE For an extended lifecycle: - Do not heat while empty, or over-heat. - Avoid knocks or sudden temperature changes (if the pan is left on the heat, leave it to cool through contact with air). - Do not add salt to the water at start of the cooking process: wait until boiling point and stir until dissolved. - At the end of the cooking process, remove any acidic or sugary food from the recipients to preserve their metal surfaces. - Wipe down after washing to avoid stains (limescale or loss of shine). - Use Matfer utensils made with composite materials to avoid damaging your recipients. - Use appropriate storage. DIRECTIONS FOR USE POTS AND PANS TABLE FOR COUSCOUS PAN COMPOSITIONS For couscous pan Lid Top Bottom C l Code Price Fully recyclable at end of life