390 A complete wash cycle, 3-in-1 Are you concerned about the risks of bacterial contamination ? Each time you present your hands, a precise, configurable and constant dose of a mix of water and soap is dispensed to ensure hygienic washing (tested and validated in a laboratory) and to avoid alternative "rapid rinsing with water" solutions. Are you concerned about wasting water ? 90% of water savings compared to a standard hand-wash.. Are you concerned about saving electricity ? Aquaris can be connected to the cold water network: no energy consumed to heat water, and less risk of Legionellosis in the networks. Are you concerned about money spent on soap ? With the possibility of being able to very precisely configure the quantity of soap dispensed per wash, you control and reduce use of the soap. • Say goodbye to imperfect hand cleaning! 100% of the washings are compliant with the hygiene protocols (water + soap, friction contact, rinsing).Safety assured for all professional kitchen operators. • Say goodbye to wasting! 90% water savings compared to a femoral-controlled wash basin. A simple and essential gesture that becomes "eco-responsible". • Due to the small quantity of water consumed by washing, connection to the cold water network only (model without mixer tap). Reduced installation and maintenance work. Helps to reduce risk of legionellosis in the networks. • Incorporates “Smixin Technology” system (international patent).The technical calibration of the cleansing station fitted with “Smixin Inside” ensures the repetitiveness and control of water, soap and electricity consumption. + safer •100% of washes are effective and comply with hygiene rules. •Completely Touchfree detection and operation (water, soap). •LED display of wash cycle operation. + comfort and cleanliness •Bowl an appropriate size for hand access and washing. •Reduces spray and splashing (small quantities of water at slow rate of flow). + more complete •Fitted with a removable 17 litre waste collector and pipework concealer. + more economical •21 cl of water is enough for a complete wash. •Patented "Smixin Inside" technology that allows you to save about 20,000 litres of water a year and per wash basin. 21cl and no more Distribution of water and soap Break for hand-washing Distribution of water for rinsing