126 (A) (B) 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I L mm 530 325 1,5 130715 L mm 530 325 20 130700 530 325 130701 CHOPPING BOARD SET A) 1 base + 1 flexible sheet, 1.5 mm thick. B) Set of 4 flexible chopping boards, 1.5 mm tick. CHOPPING BOARD CUTTING BOARD WITH FLEXIBLE PLATES CUTTING BOARD WITH FLEXIBLE PLATES The chopping surface includes: -1 rigid base board, 20mm thick, fitted with pegs - 1 flexible, reversible polyethylene sheet (1.5mm thick) with holes for hooking onto the pegs of the base board. This system is less costly than changing or re-planing the whole boar. Colour versions of the flexible sheet are also available (HACCP). Practical and hygienic cutting board, in accordance with the HACCP standards W mm Th. mm Code Price W mm Th. mm Code Price SET OF 6 FLEXIBLE CHOPPING BOARDS Replaceable and reversible cutting sheets. The chopping surface remains perfectly flat and is not exposed to wear and tear. Pegs ensure the sheet is secured in place on the base board. The sheet can be easily removed so you can easily transfer the chopped items to a container. Step by step