MATFER English 2019

196 °C L mm 166 250502 °C L mm 200 250513 °C L mm 210 250503 °C L mm 210 42 250515 °C L mm 223 28 250506 °C L mm 210 42 250520 Code Price -40 to +200 POCKET DIGITAL THERMOMETER Electronic, digital display, watertight. 75 mm stainless steel fixed probe. Weight 31 g. Delivered with probe protection case. In blister. WHITE DIGITAL THERMOMETER Electronic thermometer with digital display. Slim probe tip 2.5mm diameter / L 120 mm to leave a smaller trace in the product. Precision +/- 1°C. Result in 5 seconds. Watertight IP67: dishwasher safe. Convertible to Farenheit measurement. Supplied with protective cover for the probe. THERMOMETERS ELECTRONICS STAINLESS STEEL POCKET THERMOMETER Stainless steel pocket digital thermometer, IP65 watertight. Probe L 110 mm, Ø 3.5 mm. Weight 49 g. Precision +/- 1°C from 0 to 100°C, otherwise +/- 2°C. Operates with LR44 batterie supplied. Supplied with probe protection case in a blister pack. Code Price -50 to +300° Code Price -50 to +200° ELECTRONIC THERMOMETER IP65 Thermocouple type K, stainless steel probe 110 mm with protective cap. IP65 waterproof body. Accuracy ± 0,8°C. Resolution 0,1°C. Convertible °C/°F. Battery CR2032/3 volts included. Blister packaging. W mm Code Price -50 to +350 W mm Code Price -10 to +210 DIGITAL POCKET THERMOMETER Digital display, precision ±1 °C, °C/°F conversion. Ø 3 mm, 103 mm l stainless steel probe. W mm Code Price -40° to + 230° THERMOMETER Compliant with the requirements of the EN 13485 standard, compatible with food chain health and safety requirements. Anti-magnetic sensor, compatible with induction measurement. - Stainless steel sensor, 120 mm x Ø 3.6 mm (tip 20 mm x 2 mm). - ± 0.5°C precision between 0°C and 100°, ±1°C between 100°C and 200°C. ±2°C above these temperatures. - 0.1°C resolution. - Measurement time: 10 seconds. - CR2032 battery (supplied). COMPATIBLE WITH INDUCTION MEASUREMENT THERMOMETERS SUPPLIED WITH BATTERIES