MATFER English 2019

125 Ergoplan L mm 700 380 115 131020 - TRAY, located on the side, enables sliced products or waste to be stored. - A FLEXIBLE CUTTING DISC (reversible, interchangeable and clipped onto the board) protects the work surface from cut marks and keeps it completely flat. - Optional coloured flexible discs (HACCP). - Use the mandolin above the container to catch cut vegetables - No handling needed, no wasted time. - Easy to clean and tidy away, as all pieces are detachable. Tidies away like a standard board, even on shelves measuring 400 x 600mm. Set includes: 1 cutting board (700 x 380mm, 20mm thick, polyethylene) + 1 flexible cutting board (530 x 325mm) + 2 Modulus GN1/3 H 100mm trays (code 256035) with covers. Chopping board Special board placed on 2 detachable trays serving as stands. - HEIGHT improves the comfort of the workstation. Usable with all of our container models GN 1/3 H65, 100 ou 150mm. The height is adapted to the height of user. W mm H mm Code Price FOR IDEAL HEALTH AND SAFETY, USE WITH THE SET OF FLEXIBLE COLOURED BOARDS. SEE PREVIOUS PAGE. Practical cutting board : high position to save backache! Peeling, slicing and cutting, thus freeing up work surface without dropping the knife.