MATFER English 2019

340 L mm 260 421825 421830 L mm 130 421832 431220 MARZIPAN KNIFE Polypropylene. MARZIPAN 9 PIECE SET SPECIAL SCHOOL Set of tools in plastic for modelling the marzipan, consisting of: 1 marzipan knife, 2 special scrapers for marking and 6 sculpting tools. In a plastic box. MARZIPAN SCULPTING TOOLS Each sculpting tool consists of 2 tools, one at each end. In composite material. MARZIPAN AND ICING SUGAR SCULPTING TOOLS Quality utensils in plastic. Shapes: Small bone, blade and shell, marbles, scale comb, serrated and sharp cones, bulbs, flower and leaf, star cone 8 branches and smooth. Code Price Box of 9 pieces Code Price Box of 12 Code Price Box of 8 SCULPTING TOOLS Code Price