MATFER English 2019

207 L mm 60 50 250601 L mm 135 95 160 250606 L mm 70 50 250602 L mm 60 50 250603 Ø mm 102 20 95 250608 Ø mm 65 23 250611 L mm 90 47 45 250604 W mm Code Price W mm Code Price W mm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price 20 HOURS DIGITAL TIMER Digital display. Magnetized back with clip. Easily fits in a pocket. Supplied in a blister pack. HEAVY DUTY TIMER Watertight keyboard. Timer 99 hours. Very stable on nonskid pads. Can be attached to the wall. Operates with a 9V battery or mains power. Supplied with 9V adaptor. 3-FUNCTION TIMER Digital display and magnetized back with clip. 3 functions: seconds countdown timer, stopwatch, 24-hour clock. Supplied in a blister pack. 99 MINUTES TIMER Second accuracy for cooking with précision. Magnetized back with clip. Strong alarm. Pocket size. End alarm. Supplied in a blister pack. MECHANICAL 60-MINUTE TIMER Brushed steel body. Non-slip rubber base. Long and powerful alarm (8 seconds & 70dB). DIGITAL ROTARY 99-MIN TIMER Multi-function for precision cooking. Quick-set, 99-minute round timer- stopwatch with digital display. End alarm. Magnetic back. Comes with neck strap. TIMERS PRECISE TO THE SECOND 4 TIMERS IN 1 24H TIMER Digital display: H/min/sec. Runs on 1 AAA battery. Supplied in blister pack. STORAGE OF THE SELECTED TIME TIMERS SUPPLIED WITH BATTERIES Max H Min H Code Price H mm Code Price