MATFER English 2019

159 L mm 325 265 100 011720 AIRBOX W mm H mm Code Price PREPARATION Concept developed by MATFER and devised by P. Friggeri for fast, on- demand and non-stop production of savoury or sweet foams with an airy texture. These light mousses are the perfect accompaniment to your appetizers, starters, main courses, desserts, or cocktails, with their delicate flavour and original texture. Compact, easily portable and simple to use. 230V single phase. The set includes: 1 support and storage container with lid 1 grey container with liquid tank 1 pump with silicone tube and ceramic filter Instructions and "Chef’s tips" Tasty foams that will surprise your customers NON-STOP FOAM PRODUCTION THE KIT CREATION OF FOAM FOAM IS DEPOSITED INTO THE RESERVOIR