399 ©Jérome Lanier / Edition Jérome Villette L mm 414 191 392 12,5 264069 L m 5 264071 264101 OIL-FREE 9-BAR COMPRESSOR For use in food preparation. Oil-free operation, supplied on a trolley with wheels for ease of use. - Noiseless compressor (72dB). - Adjustable pressure manometer. - Quick tube connection (code: 264071, sold separately). - 5L air reservoir. - Output 60L/min. - Max. compression: 9 bar. - 230V, single-phase / 0.9kW. 50Hz. 5 METERS SPIRAL CABLE Supplied with 2 quick connectors for attaching the chocolate pistol to the air compressor. Male connector to attach to the pistol, female connection for the compressor. CHOCOLATE SPRAYING OIL-FREE, SILENT PORTABLE A high quality spray gun and compressor for perfect results! CUP SPRAY GUN Cup spray gun, high quality manufacture and comfortable handling. Compatible with soluble food products. Incomparable spray quality with balanced jet. Possible settings: - Smoothness of spray - Width of the spray - Jet form round to fan-shaped - Flow of product Forged, teflon-coated aluminium body. Cup 50cl polyamid, with screw lid. Stainless tube size 1.8 mm. Maximum air supply pressure: 6 bars. Recommended air pressure: 1,8 to 2,5 bars. Air consumption 220tr/min. Weight 700g. Maximum product temperature: 50°C. Supplied with quick release connector (compatible with spiral hose 264071). Use with compressor 26069 recommended. Code Price L 150 x lg 100 x H 300 mm, Spray gun with cup QUICK CONNECTOR W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price Code Price