394 260590 942115 948102 L mm 370 335 260415 L mm 790 385 210 19,5 260522 260590 741115 748101 744015 748013 W mm Code Price STAINLESS STEEL NEEDLE Accessories forchocolatedippingmachinesChoco15,Choco15R&Choco10 Code Price Stainless steel probe with thread + stainless steel support Stainless steel container GN 2/3, P 150 mm, with fixed handles Lid GN 2/3, with handle slots 6-MOULD TRAY FOR AIR-HEATED DIPPING MACHINES For maintaining coloured couverture chocolates at temperature. Suitable for use with R15 air- heated dipping machine. 6 detachable Ø 100mm bowls, 55cl capacity. Stainless steel. ACCESSORIES DIPPING- MACHINE DIPPING- MACHINE CHOCOLATE CRYSTALLIZATION CURVE CHOCO 22 T WATER-HEATED CHOCOLATE DIPPING MACHINE - Warm chocolate to the right temperature using hot/cold water circulation, no handling required: - Melt couverture chocolate to 50°C (temperature configurable). - Cool down to 25-27°C. - Raise and stabilise temperatures to 30-32°C (temperature configurable). - Automatic water filling. - Electronic temperature regulation via a thermostat (25° to 60°C). - Watertight, easy-clean touchscreen control panel. - GN 1/1, 20L container, depth 150mm, with handles and lid. - Optional: a needle may be fitted to the dipping machine so that the chocolate temperature is displayed instead of the set temperature. - Power supply (20/27 or 3/4 connection) and water discharge required. - Capacity: 15kg of couverture chocolate. - Stainless steel frame, bowl and lid. - Power: 1800W, 240V, single-phase. 50Hz. Accessories for chocolate dipping machines Choco 15R only Code Price Stainless steel container GN 1/3, P 150 mm Lid GN 1/3 W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price Accessories PR 22 T Stainless steel probe with thread + stainless steel support Additional container GN 1/1, P 150 mm, with fixed handles Additional lid GN 1/1, with handle slots CONTROL PANEL WITH TOUCH-KEYS +/- 0.5°C ACCURACY