199 °C L mm 135 40 250546 °C L mm 160 20 250516 °C L mm 295 250501 °C L mm 110 66 072271 °C 100 5 250514 °C L mm 160 38 250545 W mm Code Price - 50 to +300 FOLDAWAY THERMOMETER Compact, practical, and easy-to-use. Reliable and watertight: IP65 protection. - Works using 1 LR44 battery (provided). - Delivered in blister pack. - °C/°F feature. - Accuracy ± 0.5°C from 0° to 100°C, ± 1°C from -20° to 0°C and +100° to +200°C. ± 2°C outside this range. - 80mm stainless steel probe. W mm Code Price -50° to +300° DIGITAL THERMOMETER WITH RETRACTABLE PROBE HACCP version, precision guaranteed and certified ± 0.5 between -20°C and +100°C, ± 1°C outside this range. Stainless steel probe L 115 x Ø 3.5mm. 180° rotation. Not waterproof. -58°F/+572°F. Delivered with precision certificate and 1 AAA battery. L mm probe Ø mm probe Code Price -50 to +300 DIGITAL THERMOMETER 135 mm stainless steel probe. Ø 50 mm dial, very easy to read. Perfect for checking cooking temperatures. LR44 battery provided. ± 1°C accuracy from -50° to +300°C . Stainless steel probe. DIGITAL THERMOMETER WITH ALARM Large display window. 125mm long stainless steel sensor, diameter 4mm with protective sheath. Cable length 1m. Screen resolution 0.1°C. Precision ±1 °C. Alarm feature, min/max temp pre-sets. Last temperature recorded memory. °C/°F measurement. Requires 1.5V battery (supplied). DIGITAL THERMOMETER To control food temperature at delivery or during storage. IP65 dust tight, water proof protection. ± 1°C accuracy from 0° to +100°C, ± 2°C at higher temp. Stainless steel probe. Weight: 74g. Code Price -50 à +300 W mm Code Price -50 to +200 W mm Code Price -55 to +330 DUO THERMOMETER INFRARED + PROBE HACCP special, with alert when mesured T° is over requirements. Infrared mesure for fast checking or with probe for accuracy. IP65 waterproof thermometer. Accuracy IR : ± 1°C from 0° to 65°C. Accuracy probe : ± 0,5°C from -5° to 65°C. Résolution 0,2°C. Stainless steel folding probe. Convertible "C/°F. 2 batteries AAA. INDUCTION MEASUREMENT COMPATIBLE COOKING THERMOMETERS ELECTRONICS