150 186601 186604 Ø mm 136 50 216032 320 200 25 186631 320 200 991616 320 200 991617 320 200 991618 320 200 991619 PREMIUM GRATERS The Chef’s essential graters Ergonomic black soft-touch handle with anti-scratch rubber stops at the end of the grater. Blade 200 mm, width 25 mm. Semi-circular 125mm. Handle Code Price A zester: hard cheeses, citrus fruit, ginger... Black In spices: nutmeg, grooves... Black MANUAL PREPARATION GRATERS Cutting-edge design and technology for incomparable results in the kitchen Microplane ® graters enable you to effortlessly grate hard or soft cheeses, vegetables, citrus zest, nuts, spices and condiments, mushrooms, chocolate, and more. Graters with long-life razor-sharp blades, made from stainless steel. Food is cut without being torn, retaining flavour and taste. Graters delivered with protective blade case for storage. Dishwasher safe. Cases hand washed. H mm Code Price 2 IN 1 SPICE MILL Grate and store solid spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon, Tonka beans and more. Spices are cut precisely and finely to create an ideal aroma. Ultra- sharpstainlesssteelblade. Includesa hermetically sealed upper section to store spices. PREMIUM ZESTER GRATER Color especially for preparing specialist foods such as gluten-free, kosher, halal and vegan products. Lets you minimise the risk of contamination. Total L mm Blade L mm W mm Handle Code Price Total L mm Blade L mm Handle Code Price PREMIUM GRATERS The Chef’s essential graters Ergonomic soft-touch handle.