MATFER English 2019

45 EXOGLASS ® L mm 385 113090 L mm 385 113092 L mm 195 40 113041 L mm 180 100 10 114006 L mm 220 40 113042 SPATULA THERMOMETER Code Price Spatula thermometer Exoglass ® ELVÉO THERMOMETER SPATULA Witha flexiblesiliconespatulatocompletelyscrapeoutthebottomofrecipients. ELVÉO THERMOMETER SPATULA Code Price Spatula + thermometer ELVEO - Control the temperature of your dish during cooking, while mixing at the same time. - Ideal for creams, caramelized sugar, chocolate - Handle resists up to 220°C, dishwasher safe. Removable thermometer -20° to +200°C, precision 0.1°C, reliability to 1°C, Tight against water splashing, not suitable for dishwasher. SPATULA THERMOMETER COOKING BRUSH Basting hot meat with sauces, seasoned butter and marinades. Silicone. Heat-resistant up to 300°C. Dishwasher safe. SCRAPER Thick solid-silicone scraper. Uses: Chocolate making: scrape trays of chocolate straight out of the coating machine. Confectionery: work with brittles, syrups and other preparations. Pastry-making: flexible and robust, compatible with all bowls. Smooth and separate out preparations on pastry trays. Kitchen: scrape out casseroles or professional slow cookers. W mm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price MATFER SILICONE PASTRY BRUSH For egg, syrup and jelly glazing and coating in sauce. Wideheadwithmorethan130conical layeredbristlestoholdand flexiblyspreadproducts. The silicone head is heat-resistant to 250°C and moulded over the composite handle to prevent it coming detached. Dishwasher safe. W mm Code Price 2 TOOLS IN 1