MATFER English 2019

348 L mm 200 421813 L mm 320 200 421802 L mm 140 169003 Ø mm 195 230 169001 L mm 500 500 169002 L mm 215 115 421805 215 115 421806 SMALL DECORATING BAGS FOR WRITING Coated fabric, impermeable, washable with boiling water. DECORATING BAGS FOR WRITING Writes on cakes with royal icing or chocolate. Pre-cut, greaseproof paper. 45g. PIPING BAG HOLDER Handy for putting piping bags in place during tasks and for filling piping bags without any mess on the nozzle. Base with 8 perforations for tidying away nozzles. Polypropylene. PIPING BAG DRYER Plastic coated wire. Capacity 4 piping bags and 31 decorating tubes. CLIP BAG Hermetically seal sachets and piping bags. Polypropylene, 3 assorted colours. W mm Code Price A carton of 10 bundles of 25 bags Code Price Packet of 3 Code Price Batch of 5 PIPING BAGS ACCESSORIES WRITING HORNS AND NOZZLES For fine writing on cakes. Ready to use, no folding required. Guaranteed thickness of writing thanks to the Ø 0.5mm nozzle. Roll of PP cones and PE nozzles with tip covers. H mm Code Price W mm Code Price W mm Code Price Pack of 50 Pack of 10