MATFER English 2019

198 © Eric Fenot - Le grand cours de cuisine de l’Ecole Ferrandi 250510 °C L mm 125 25 072266 072264 °C L mm 125 58 250522 °C L mm 120 70 072260 95 105 250570 °C L mm 66 38 13 250561 66 38 13 250560 Code Price THERMOMETERS ELECTRONICS DIGITAL THERMOMETER HOLDER Stainless steel holder to be attached to the edge of the pan to keep the probe inside while keeping both hands free. Suitable for all probes up to 5 mm Ø. W mm Code Price -50 to +150 W mm Code Price 0 to +200 THERMOMETER WITH ALARM Stainless steel probe IP65 water tight. Perfect for internal cooking. A specific temperature can be programmed, so that the alarm rings when such temperature is reached. ± 1°C precision from 0°C/32°F to 150°C/302°F and ± 3°C at higher temperatures. °C/°F conversion. Time-switch function. Ø 4 mm, 150 mm l stainless steel probe. 1m stainless steel oven-resistant detachable cable. Height: 18 mm. Weight: 250 g. 1.5 V battery included. W mm Code Price 0 to +300 Stainless steel spare probe DIGITAL THERMOMETER Digital display. Precision 0.5° bewteen -20° and +150°C, otherwise ± 0.2°C. Precision tester included. Stainless steel probe Ø 3mm, 100mm l. 1mcable. AAA battery. Continued life: 300 h. approximately. Weight:100 g. DIGITAL THERMOMETER WITH ALARM A specific temperature can be programmed, so that the alarm rings when it is reached. °C and °F conversion. Timer function. Probe Ø 4 mm, L 150 mm. Stainless steel cable, 1 m 10 cm, detachable. Magnetic back. AAA battery operated (supplied). RE-CALIBRATABLE MODEL DIGITAL THERMOMETER TEMP ALERT STANDARD - The probe is connected to the thermometer by a 100cm cable, allowing for temperature to be read continuously at the centre of the chill cabinet, refrigerated display counter, refrigerator or freezer. - An alarm sound goes off when the programmed temperature is reached. - The thermometer is attached to units with adhesive. - Includes an AAA battery. - Graduated from -50°C to +70°C. - Accuracy ±0.5°C (between 0° + 4°C). DIGITAL THERMOMETER AND HUMIDITY METER - Frost alert. - Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. - Thermometer -50°C/+70°C convertible in -58°F/+158°F. - Accuracy to +/- 1°C. - Humidity meter: 20 to 99% humidity. Shows 0.1% Humidity. AAA 1.5V battery. IDEAL FOR USE IN OVEN TO ASCERTAIN BASE TEMPERATURE OF PASTRY W mm H mm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price -50° to +70° Certified -50° to +70° Standard DIGITAL THERMOMETER TEMP ALERT CERTIFIED HACCP version, precision guaranteed and certified ± 0.5 between -4°C and +6°C, ± 1°C outside this range. Programmable sound alarm. Cable 100 cms with probe. -58°F/+572°F. Delivered with precision certificate and 1 AAA battery. Certified Standard THERMOMETERS SUPPLIED WITH BATTERIES