MATFER English 2019

162 Ø mm 195 60 25 116434 Ø mm 62 181 170 661404 116436 Ø mm 75 55 116437 H mm C ml Code Price H mm Code Price DECORATION SQUEEZE BOTTLE Narrow spout, ideal for decorations. Includes cap. Soft polyethylene bottle. OIL SPRAYER Use the manual air pump to spray on a fine layer of oil: season salads, oil meat and fish, or grease dishes and moulds. Includes filter, for use with scented herb oils, condiments, etc. Glass body. SEASON WITHOUT EXCESS ! SET UP STAINLESS STEEL DECOSPOON Set of 2 spoons L 230 and 190 mm. With a simple gesture you can bring a touch of savoury colour to your dishes. The large deco-spoon is ideal for spots and bold lines. The small deco-spoon is ideal for text, spirals and majestic curves. THE PASTRY CHEF’S PAINTBRUSH! DECOSPOON INKWELL SAN pot keeps sauce at the bottom, making it easier to refill the deco-spoon. The silicone rim allows you to clean the deco-spoon. Code Price Pack of 2 H mm C cl Code Price