MATFER English 2019

158 159115 159116 L mm 140 80 165 0,87 185508 L mm Hz 276 163 266 5 50/60 245902 159115 159116 SMOKE PREPARATION W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price GSM 700 SMOKING GUN Allow to give a smoked taste to the meat, fish, cold cuts, cheeses, butter, cocktails, vegetables and fruit. Generally on the hatch, before customer service. Quick smoking: 30 to 60 seconds. Easy to use, battery operated. The kit includes: - smoking gun with nozzle and cast stainless steel holder for woodchips. - 1 flexible pipe to affix onto the nozzle. - 4 spare filters for the holder. - 2 woodchip samples. - 4 AA batteries. QUICK, ONE-MINUTE SMOKING HOTMIX PRO SMOKER Benefits: - Designed to lend liquids and solids a smoky flavour. - Easy to use - Rapid smoking process as the smoke doesn't rise. - Can be connected to Hotmix food processors to lend sauces and mixes a smoky flavour. - Cold smoking: no cooking needed, no bacterial growth. - Super compact format, easy to incorporate into your kitchen. Specifications: 100% AISI 304 stainless steel. Silicone cable kit to connect it to Hotmix Pro processors. Smoking chamber (detachable) measurements: 195x105x105mm Stainless steel grill on which to place products, designed to distribute smoke across all sides. Adjustable ventilation speed. 220- 240 V. W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price 2.5kg bag of beech sawdust 3.2kg bag of beech shavings COMPATIBLE HOTMIX PRO, P178 SMOKER FOR LIQUIDS