MATFER English 2019

149 1 2 3 4 L mm 120 80 270 186615 186620 186621 186622 186623 186624 186625 216100 186627 216119 216121 216122 216124 L mm Ep. mm 330 76 40 216139 4-SIDED GRATERS Stable and ergonomic. Incomparable quality thanks to Microplane ® technology. 3 blades: extra coarse, fine, double-sided + 1 x 2mm blade. Fine blade, can be removed for cleaning. GOURMET GRATERS Ergonomic wide graters , black soft touch ergonomic handle with non-slip rubber stoppers for improved stability. Blade 135 x 60mm. Code Price Zesting grater Coarse grater Extra coarse grater Double-edged grater Wide shaver grater for chocolate shavings, truffles... Star grater: parmesan Protective pusher Mandoline grater ELITE GRATERS A single-block, ergonomically-shaped grater. The protective case transforms into a container when clipped under the grater. Total length 285 mm. Width 80 mm. Code Price 1. Zesting grater 2. Coarse grater 3. Extra coarse grater 4. Double-edged grater W mm H mm Code Price W mm Code Price FINE MASTER ZESTER This Master series graters strikes the perfect balance between designer looks and effectiveness. Its walnut handle lends the item an elegant, refined, stylish and premium feel.