MATFER English 2019

142 215050 215051 L mm 144 84 97 215052 L mm 185 82 072595 L mm 202 215301 L mm 225 105 073115 L mm 350 255 100 073120 W mm H mm Code Price W mm Code Price TRUFFLE MANDOLINE SLICER For truffles and mushrooms. Tempered stainless steel blade for thinner and perfect slices. Cut thickness from 0.1 to 4 mm. Stainless steel. Delivered in decorated wooden box. Code Price Spare blade ERGONOMIC TRUFFLE CUTTER Very fine blade and highly precise thickness adjuster wheel, for truffles and mushrooms. Stainless steel base, blade and handle. ADJUSTABLE TRUFFLE CUTTER Simple and precise. Slice thickness can be adjusted using the wheel. Stainless steel. MUSHROOM SLICER Cuts mushrooms and soft fruit into even slices. 7 stainless steel blades. Made of cast aluminium with a special dishwasher safe coating. UTENSILS FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CUTTING BOARD Code Price W mm Code Price STEINEX COMBI-STONER Stainless steel blade. For plums and cherries. Plums are stoned and quartered in one movement. KIRSCHOMAT CHERRY STONER Cherries are inserted and ejected automatically. Fast output – 15 kg/hour. W mm D mm Code Price