MATFER English 2019

140 090417 763110 L mm 425 180 6 215710 215720 L mm 360 135 243 2,2 215131 MANUAL TOMATO SLICER Effortless cutting of even the ripest tomatoes into 6mm rounds. The possibilities include: - Cutting in bulk into the gastronome container beneath the appliance (hourly bulk production: approx. 1200 tomatoes). - Cutting individual tomatoes onto a plate or serving dish, no handling needed. User safety guaranteed as hands are kept away from blades. Handle height in low position: 270mm. Handle height in high position: 455mm. Height beneath the feet: 120mm. Distance between feet: 328mm. Dishwasher safe. Accessories Code Price Stainless steel tomato corer, black plastic handle Collecting container Gn 1/2, 100 mm depth W mm Weight Kg Code Price Spare blades, clearance 6 mm TOTAL SAFETY, BATCH SLICING DISHWASHER SAFE "LE ROUET" GOURMET TURNING VEGETABLE SLICER Slicing vegetables into original round, flat or fluted continuous strips Supplied with a clamp and three blades, thickness adjustable from 1 to 3.5mm with an angle blade. Removable blade holder in ABS. Stainless steel. TOMATO SLICE AND VEGETABLE SLICER FRUIT AND VEGETABLE CUTTING BOARD W mm H mm Weight Kg Code Price