92 1 4 2 3 5 L mm 100 120510 L mm 200 120536 L mm 150 120515 200 120520 250 120525 L mm 130 120533 L mm 130 120543 L mm 230 120539 L mm 200 120535 Paring knife slicer knife - MATFER exclusive design. - Blade-holster-tang is fully forged, ensuring solidity. chef’s knife Or meat/fish knife with bolster. The indicated lenght is for the blade forged knives boning knife "Used" blade. multi-purpose knife Serrated blade, ideal for cutting tomatoes, citrus fruits, baguettes and all products with a hard surface. bread knife Finely toothed blade ensures cutting of resistant products such as sourdough bread crust and delicate products such as brioches or meat pies. Fish slicing knife Flexible blade. THE ULTIMATE RANGE FORDEMANDING CHEFS Bolster with exclusive design ensures balance of the knife. Stainless steel blade tempered with molybdenum and vanadium : resistance and easy sharpening. Studiedhandledesignensurescomfortableandsafehandling. Fine polishing of the handle made of POM : pleasant and comfortable touch. Back angles of blade rounded : safety. 1 2 3 4 5 Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price