513 L mm 900 600 9 150540 Ø mm 140 350 159083 465191 L mm 310 455 145 159041 75 cl 720049 1 L 720052 779011 H mm D mm Code Price H mm Code Price Code Price Code Price ANTI-HUMIDITY MAT Absorbs moisture and dust. Machine-wash at 30°C. Flecked grey. Rubber + vinyl sole. Polyamide. WC BRUSH + BASE KIT White polypropylene. White nylon fibre brush. FIRST AID CABINET 1 door. Epoxy powder coated steel structure. Lock with key. 2 shelves – 1 plastic rack. FIRST AID KIT 1 insulatingsurvivalcoat(2.20x1.40m)+1leatherfinger-stall+1pressurepad10x10cm+ 1stainlesssteelsplinterforceps+1elasticankleband5cmx3m+1elasticankleband7cm x3m+4sanitizingandbactericidalwipes+4drywipes+4soothingwipes+1pairofstainless steel scissors + 1 fabric plaster 2.5 cm x 5 m + 1 pair of gloves + 18 Urgo pads in 3 sizes + 10 sterilized compresses 20 x 20 + first aid notice. FIRST AID KIT FOR COMPANIES WITH A STAFF OF LESS THAN 12. PURSUANT TOSECTIONR232 1-6OFTHELABOURCODE, ALLCOMPANIESHAVINGMORETHANONE EMPLOYEEMUSTPROVIDEAFIRSTAIDKIT INEACH ANDEVERYWORKPLACE, SUITEDTOTHENATUREOF THERISK, ANDEASILYACCESSIBLEFORUSERS. SANITARY CARPET FIRST AID MOREABSORBENTANDMACHINE WASHABLEMICROFIBRE DESCALER FOR BATHROOM AND TOILETS De-scales, cleans, shines, disinfects and deodorizes bathrooms, toilets, taps, ... W mm Th. mm Code Price Code Price HONEYCOMB DUCKBOARD (1M²) Allows working in wet areas while keeping the feet dry. Polyethylene alveolar structure, anti-slip, quick assembly and disassembly by clipsage. Set of 4 slabs 500 x 500 x 20 mm Color Pkg Code Price Set Toffy m2 MINT-SCENTED TOILET CLEANING GEL Cleans, descales and shines toilet facilities.