49 © Eric Fenot - Le grand cours de cuisine de l’Ecole Ferrandi L mm 220 90 20 112609 L mm 170 293 80 072045 150 278 60 072040 L mm 150 290 100 112662 L mm 205 385 75 112664 200 360 75 112666 L mm 360 100 112667 L mm 270 100 112668 L mm 130 182160 L mm 500 112108 L mm 320 112070 L mm 140 310 98 112663 Small bent spatula For precision work (cooking, chocolate-making, confectionery). Stainless steel blade, PP handle. Scoop Stainless steel. Polypropylene handle with non slip moulded grip. Total L mm W mm Code Price For frying, perforated Flexible, plain Hamburger turner Designed for planchas. Thick, rigid blade, bevelled edges, stainless steel. Black polypropylene handle. "Matfer" bent turner Semi-flexible stainless steel blade, rounded edges. Black polypropylene moulded handle. Total L mm W mm Code Price Plain Perforated SPECIAL WOK SPATULA Palette with rounded end to match shape of wok. Stainless steel spatula PP handle. SPECIAL PLANCHA SPATULA Straight and rigid palette with bevel end. Stainless steel spatula. PP handle. Carving fork Forged and polished stainless steel. Riveted ABS handle. SMALL FORK Vacuum-toughened cut blade. Black polypropylene moulded handle. monoblock Meat fork Stainless steel . Code Price “Diapason” bayonet fork W mm Code Price Useful L mm W mm Code Price Total L mm W mm Code Price W mm Code Price Code Price Code Price Panini SPATULA Slotted spatula with space for movement of knife blades and cutting paninis. A thick, rigid stainless steel blade, with PP handle. Total L mm W mm Code Price