402 L mm U.V. 600 400 150 PVC 100 261911 400 300 150 PVC 100 261912 600 400 100 PEBD 100 261908 600 400 100 PEBD 10 261905 L mm 360 340 261915 421005 L mm 350 340 350 411002 L mm W V Hz 400 330 390 100 230 50/60 411004 L mm 1150 900 300 355 774002 L mm 180 100 112641 220 100 112643 W mm Th. µ Weight g Code Price Code Price H mm Code Price W mm Th. µ Code Price W mm Code Price GUITAR SHEETS Superior quality, ensures excellent chocolate shine. Pack of sheets. PVC SHEETS WITH TEXTURED BASE Semi-rigid PVC sheets for placing chocolates after dipping to create textured markings on their underside. Set of 13 sheets with different patterns. ACCESSORIES CHOCOLATE GRATER Stainless steel. MANUAL CHOCOLATE FLAKING MACHINE Quickly make light, fine, even chocolate flakes without wasting material. Adjustable guides hold the chocolate bar (5kg max.). Easy to clean. Knife with 4 slicing sides. ELECTRICAL CHOCOLATE FLAKING MACHINE Make your own chocolate flakes. Fitted with a high-performance, long-lasting motor, for continuous usage. Makes 2.5kg of chocolate flakes in 35 mins. Thickness is not adjustable but can be varied to suit a chocolate bar’s temperature. Adjustable guides hold the chocolate bar (5kg max.). CHOCOLATE APRON Adjustable neck strap, elastic hook on the back. Greaseproof, easy to clean with water (60°C) and degreaser. Polyurethane. Usage temperature: 0°C to 90°C In compliance with European Directive 89/686/EEC. COATING SPATULA Used to fill and scrape chocolate moulds. Blade in stainless steel. Black polypropylene handle. TIME SAVINGS EVEN GRATING EASY TO USE W mm H mm Code Price W mm H mm Code Price