40 Exoglass ® 215 116515 Ø mm 0,7 200 195 017364 1,0 200 195 017365 Ø mm L mm 0,45 200 220 410 0,5 017360 0,45 255 270 490 0,7 017362 Bouillon strainer & stainer Unique filtration quality and finesse with triple layer sieve Holder Chrome-plated steel for all strainers. Ø 200 mm. Exoglass ® sieve strainer The same advantages as a sieve, using comfortable materials. Easy handling. Robust enough for intensive use. Use for sifting ingredients, fine stuffing and sauces. Composite Exoglass ® structure, stainless steel mesh. Exoglass ® Bouillon strainer sturdy – keeps its shape Body and handle made of one-piece composite material: strudy - keeps its shape FINE SIFTING Triple fine stainless steel triple mesh. SOLID Stainless steel wire reinforcement. COMFORTABLE Comfortable heat insulating handle. ergonomic Heat insulated handle. stability Thank to the hooks. Mesh mm H mm Weight kg Code Price Mesh mm L handle mm Code Price H mm Code Price