161 100 672039 50 672043 25 672044 50 672046 100 350 044170 672006 See all ISI recipes at "Gourmet whip" Professional whippers for hot and cold products. Bain-marie storage, Matfer mini hot cupboard, refrigerator. 25cl whipper, suitable for table service. "Thermo whip" Double-walled vacuum bottle, maximum thermal isolation for cold products (up to 8 hours) and hot products (up to 3 hours). Particularly good at keeping whipped cream totally fresh. Eliminates the need for a bain-marie to keep preparations hot. "Thermo Xpress" whipper Mounted on a foot with a tube suction system for easy content removal at the press of a button. Insulated double-walled vacuum bottle. Cold products stay cool for 12 hours, hot products stay hot for 3 hours. Non-slip base. Rotating stainless steel nozzle. Head entirely made of stainless steel with fixed valve. Silicone seal with pin making removal for cleaning easy. Indication of maximum filling level on whipper body. Silicone strip for safer handling. Body in brushed stainless steel. Charger holder in stainless steel, ergonomic with anti-slip silicone coating. 3 different decorating tips. Culinary whippers for hot and cold preparations C cl H mm Code Price Extension for tube C cl Code Price C cl Code Price See the demo