138 1 2 © Eric Fenot - Le grand cours de cuisine de l’Ecole Ferrandi L mm 370 130 500 215040 215001 215005 Mandoline 1000 “Japanese” mandoline. Perfect cutting thanks to the sharp cutting edge and the blade’s slanting angle. Compact and lightweight. Pegs secure it over a gastronome container so that it can be used in a horizontal position. Precise, easy adjustment of slice thickness – just twist the wheel (up to 6mm). Comes with: - 1 matchstick cutter (3mm distance between blades) (1). - 1 smooth-edge knife. - 1 crinkle cut knife (2). - 1 pusher for hand protection. Composite material. Code Price Stainless steel mandoline Pusher assembly (complete) Fruit and vegetable cutting board Mandoline slicers Mandoline “Special cutlery” reversible, embossed blade. Precise, fine slicing thickness of up to 10 mm per wheel. - Cuts into precise, clean sticks. - Removable blades: 3, 5 and 10 mm. - Ultra-rigid stainless steel body. - Stainless steel handle. - Dimensions: L 364 x W 113 mm. D mm Weight g Code Price